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D. E. Greenfield

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You could become the Word doctor at your office! Once the mysteries of MS Word are removed you will discover how easy it is to create beautiful documents!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

• How to use Styles

• Format Titles and Section Titles

• Format Paragraphs and Bullets

• Automate First Line Indents so you never have to Tab over

• Set up Spacing before and after Lists or Screenshots

• Automatically generate a Table of Contents

• Create a New Style from scratch

• Create a Template

• Why you should love the Pilcrow mark

• How to use and understand Track Changes

• How to Resize an image (graphic or screenshot)

eBooks $3.99

Paperback on Amazon $9.95

Reviews for How to Format

I've wanted to learn how to format documents with Word for a long time, but always made lame excuses to myself as to why doing so could wait just a bit longer.  Let's face it, learning new things can be tedious and sometimes a bit intimidating.  But now I have no more excuses!  This well-written, well-organized 'how to' booklet gave me the confidence I needed to tackle some new writing projects.  The instructions are written in easily-understood plain English, and following along with the step-by-step illustrations is a piece of cake.  Whether you already use Word, or you want to, you'll be glad to have this first-rate learning tool (secret weapon) by your side.


Jeff 1/22/2022

How to Format Word Docs Like a Pro


As a retired teacher, I was impressed on Dawn’s teaching style on her videos of “How to Format Word Docs Like a Pro”. As a beginning writer, I found it very easy to learn the ways of writing, thanks to Dawn.


She ran her tutorials like she was in the classroom. She would state the objective of the lesson. Then taught the objective through her easy-to-follow visuals of different types of writing. Then she would take the objective a step farther by explaining why things go wrong and the reasons for the mistakes. Dawn shows you the potholes of writing without falling into them.

Her patience along with her ability to communicate her points of instruction was never confusing or talking over my head. Her tutorials gave me confidence that I can overcome the most basic fears of writing.

I strongly recommend this class for all writers who seek out the proper way of getting their work out there.

Richard P. Stone

Author, Survivors of the Mutant Dawn

Mastering Your Money 2022 Edition
Mastering Your Money 2022 COVER.jpg

If you or someone you know is constantly coming up short of money and bouncing transactions like basketballs, Mastering Your Money 2022 Edition will take the mystery out of maintaining your checkbook and will teach you how to create a budget.


You will soon learn:

  • How to create a budget

  • National Averages of expenses to see where you fit in

  • How to avoid double payments, forgetting to make a payment

  • What happens to late payments

  • How to fill out a blank check

  • How to read a bank statement

  • Why checks bounce (you contribute to this)           

  • What happens when checks bounce

  • Banking Statistics & Facts

  • How to make your checkbook your financial guru

  • Understand how to maintain your checkbook so you can safely use online banking without disasters

  • And a whole lot more


Who should read this book?

  • People starting out on their own

  • High school students

  • College students

  • Anyone recovering from a divorce or tragic ending of a relationship where they are thrust into the role of responsibility for their household

eBooks = $3.99
Paperback on Amazon
what is breaking.jpg

$4.99 eBooks

Paperback $9.99

When you’re drowning in debt and can’t see how you can turn things around, it’s time to examine what’s really going on in your life. Not all budgets are equal. Many only hit the top common living expenses.

What’s Breaking Your Budget dives deep into your habits. Things you may not want to admit to that are really breaking you down and making a mess of your life. This book will thoroughly help you explore all outgoing cash in all forms, many of which you don’t even consider as an expense until the money’s gone.

You will learn how to create a true budget from the work you be guided through in the book. Once you complete the process, you will be able to breathe easier and begin to eliminate your debt once and for all. Once you purchase the book you will have access to the free downloads.


eBooks = $4.99

Paperback on Amazon

You want to write a book, but you don’t know the first thing about getting started. Will it cost you money to create a book? How should you begin? Maybe you’re not that computer savvy.


This course helps you get everything organized so when you sit down in front of that computer you will not be intimidated by the setup and mechanics of getting started. You will be able to dive into writing your book content and, you will make great progress as you challenge yourself to write more and more each time you sit down at your computer. The great thing is, you will learn some neat tips and tricks along the way to make your book dream come true.


Also available as a short Online course on my website. Click here.

WritersPrep CHECKLIST cover WITH

Print and monitor your writing progress using this Check List!

$2.00 eBook


This is the original Award-Winning book published in 2008.

If you or someone you know is constantly coming up short of money in your checkbook, or if you have checks bouncing like basketballs, Mastering Your Money will take the mystery out of maintaining your checkbook.


Dawn Ireland has done a great job of explaining the ins and outs of managing your checking account. The instructions are clear and concise and take the mystery out of balancing an account. What I especially liked was the suggestion for creating a sub account for a little nest egg. –

$2.99 eBook

$9.95 Paperback

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