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Some of my screenplays are now in book format!

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The Far Corner

Psychological, Supernatural Horror screenplay in book format

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OFFICIAL SELECTION - Lake Travis Film Festival - 2022.jpg
This script is looking for a home on the big or little screen. It has been a FINALIST 7 times! 
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This is a screenplay.

Jenna Wilder is caught in a web of terror as creatures from another dimension hound her for attention – she isn’t grounded and it could cost her — her very life.


The Far Corner is an intense psychological, supernatural horror narrative reminiscent of movies like The Sixth Sense, Gothika, or even Jacob’s Ladder.


Two investigators of paranormal phenomena take the case of a driven businesswoman who collapses into psychosis raving of creatures from another dimension.


  • Semifinalist ~ Filmmatic/Coverfly Pitch Now Screenplay Competition (Season 5) 1/2023

  • Semifinalist ~ Lonely Wolf script competition 12/2022

  • Quarterfinalist ~ Scriptapalooza script competition 7/2022

  • Selected ~ Lake Travis Film Festival Script Competition 7/2022

  • Finalist ~ Geneva International Science in Fiction Script Competition 7/2022

  • Finalist ~ MidWest WeirdFest Competition 2/2022

  • Quarter finalist ~ Santa Barbara Script Competition 11/2021

  • Semifinalist ~ Creative Screenwriting Unique Voices 5/2021

  • Finalist ~ British Horror Film Festival Blood List 12/2020

  • Finalist ~ Inroads Screenwriting Fellowship 5/2020

  • Finalist ~ Filmmatic Horror Script Competition 1/2020

  • Finalist ~ Script Competition, 11/2017

  • Finalist ~ Reel Writers Script Competition, 9/2015

  • Semifinalist ~ Screencraft Horror Competition, 8/2015

Get your copy today! Better yet, option this script. Bring it to life!

Plan B

Dark comedy. Screenplay: 103 pages.
Book: 168 pages

PlanB front cover.JPG



A family’s rationality snaps after trying to deal with their out of control teenager; they decide it’s time for Plan B... kill the little bastard... and get away with it.




They’re out there – families silently dealing with rotten teenagers. The Undertosh family decided that they were sick of walking on eggshells around Juice (Kevin), their juvenile delinquent teen, who has been to court more than an ambulance-chasing attorney. 


Bert and Fern, along with Juice’s grand parents, and his younger siblings, take a family vote and decide that they’ve been tormented enough. Juice has to go. But they don’t want to put him on the street where he can wreak havoc on someone else. 


They are going to take matters into their own hands regardless of what Dr. Robbell, the nutjob psychiatrist says. 


The plan is to capture Juice and make it look like he ran away from home, minus his friends Wormie, Blowpipe and Edsel.

The family goes on a shopping spree. They buy thick rope, cattle prods, and rat poison. All part of the plan until someone mentions an autopsy. What if the cops think they murdered Juice? 


That won’t do. 


Bert and Grandpa convert the spare bedroom into a padded cell and wait for the right moment. When they finally get Juice into custody, they try a series of events that should have ended in Juice’s demise, but backfired on Fern. 


Through all of the experiences with his now-crazed family, Juice sees the light of day. Slowly but surely, he reverts back to the thoughtful boy he used to be. 


Gone are the grunge clothes, the pigsty bedroom, and the attitudes and traits he developed. 


When his little brother comes home from school with a black eye from a gang trying to get him to join, Juice calls his friends. They meet up and confront the gang. Its head butting time — something Juice and his friends are good at from their own brand of slam dancing. The gang members limp away never to bother Kevin again.

eBook =  $3.99

The God Child

Action/Adventure with a lot of
woo-woo. Screenplay: 100 pages

Book: 174 pages

  • Selected ~ Lake Travis Film Festival Script Competition 7/2022

  • Honorable Mention ~ Wiki: World’s Fastest/1st 10 Pages 6/1/2021

4 x 6 Cover.jpg

The God Child is sort of like The Green Mile meets The Golden Child.

Logline: Colonel Bastrop suspects 7-year-old Deidre Lyons is God.




A government alert pings during an emergency C-section on Ruth Tovar Lyons. She knows she’s dying. Ruth begs the doctor to contact her sister Lily in New Mexico and not let the government take the baby.


Colonel Bastrop doesn’t think any special skills will show up for a couple of years.


Steve Plant, a former GI (30s), practices Qi Gong at a Myanmar monastery with a blind Tibetan master, along with Da-wa Wangdu (30s), Steve’s sidekick.


Steve finds no peace in the session and does the movements as payment for his sins. 


Josh Corlander, scar-faced former military from Colonel Bastrop’s unit, sits in a bunker in Colorado. He watches activity surrounding his former commander.

One month later in the neonatal ICU, strange things begin to happen.

Nurse Lucy, with a large strawberry mark on her face and arm, picks Deidre up. The baby grabs Lucy’s finger. There is a soft glow no one notices. Nurse Minnie gasps. Lucy’s strawberry marks are gone.


Colonel Bastrop sends in Homeland Security and the FBI. They take the baby, confiscate all cell phones, scrub the hospital files. Lily Tovar is hidden amid the crowd outside the NICU window. 


7 years later in a house in the woods, Susanne and Gordon, scientists who are responsible for Deidre’s care, record sessions with her about the universe, life, and death. Since her fourth birthday, no one has been able to physically touch her without getting shocked, or killed. 


Josh sends his commandos to bring Deidre in. Susanne is killed. Deidre escapes to the forest, and Gordon is captured.


Steve and Da-wa are apprehended at the airport. Bastrop tells Steve to find the girl and bring her back. Steve and Da-wa meet Lily. She accompanies them. 


They find Deidre in the woods with bears, wolves, a cougar, and a fox. Deidre brings Susanne back from the dead. They go to Colorado to rescue Gordon. 


The government realizes there isn’t a fortress or bunker that could hold Deidre against her will. One thought from her could annihilate all life on the planet. And she’s only seven years old.

$9.99 Paperback

eBook =  $3.99

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Standing Dead

Drama/tragedy; Screenplay: 106 pages; Book format: 168 pages


eBook =  $3.99

Logline:  Jealousy, lies, greed, and desire... Alex discovers too late that secrets can kill.




Alex, Chelsea, Phillip and Donna… college friends whose lives are tightly woven, in an era where being a little too naïve has a high price. 


Alex and Phillip, friends since high school, share an apartment through college. 


Neither Alex nor Phillip knows the definition of being faithful — each are masters of deception. 


Graduation brings dental school for Chelsea, advertising for Phillip, law school for Donna, and a stock brokerage job for Alex where he eventually moves up to a corner office. 


Alex and Chelsea tie the knot, and while Phillip is best man, he’s incensed. 


Babies and affairs follow. 


Phillip gets sick and dies, and the web of deceit begins to unravel. 


Chelsea, no longer in the dark, leaves Alex. When their young son becomes ill, Chelsea is forced to leave her successful dental practice. 


She must try to make a new life for herself and her children, and watch over her son’s health, and wait…

Where's Ralphie?

Family story.
Screenplay: 116 pages; Book: 174

Where’s Ralphie 4 x 6.jpg

Logline: A single dad discovers his daughter’s imaginary friend is real… and he’s an invisible, highly trained dog fleeing from the government.




Gary Smalley, a widower and inventor with two young daughters is worried about Ginger, his 6-year-old.She’s had a make-believe friend for a while and bugs Gary to get a dog because Buttercup, the cat, isn’t any fun. Clem, Ginger’s older sister, is too wrapped up in sports to pay much attention to Ginger. 


Diane, Gary’s best friend and secret admirer, has a government contract to train dogs for espionage.  A special blue formula makes the dogs invisible. The Chief sends special agents Mr. Water and Mr. Blue, to the training facility for an update. The government guys are all agog over the Star-Warsey vault that contains the training course and the HAL 2000 Dog Monitor computer – Gary’s creations.


While performing a live test downtown, Seventy-Six, a Jack Russell Terrier and Diane’s star pupil, becomes partially visible. Everyone panics: glitches are traceable. Even with the flaw, Seventy-Six completes the mission undetected. 

Mr. Blue tells Diane the mission is a success and for her to hand over Seventy-Six; he’s needed right away in the government’s war against terrorists. Diane is gobsmacked by this bit of news. She trained the dogs for espionage. HAL instructs Seventy-Six to run. 


 As Gary leaves the patent office, Seventy-Six jumps in the back of his SUV and discovers Ginger’s missing doll. Seventy-Six, invisible, jumps on Ginger. She screams up a storm as she's pushed down and licked. When she discovers that he’s a real invisible dog, she’s thrilled. She names him Ralphie. Gary and Clem thinks Ginger’s new dog is make believe.


Mr. Blue and Mr. Water search for Ralphie while Diane is distraught at losing her beloved dog and possibly her government contract. 


Gary and Clem finally realize that Ralphie is a real dog, and one of Gary’s inventions allows them to see him, if only briefly.  Diane asks Gary to help her devise a plan to keep him safe from the government agents.


Mr. Water and Mr. try to capture Ralphie. They break into the Smalley home at night, but he keeps alluding them. Ralphie sneaks out one night to scare the agents away; Ginger sneaks out after him. At the crack of dawn, Gary, Diane and Clem discover Ginger and Ralphie missing -- possibly kidnapped and dognapped.  They set out to find and rescue them with the aid of Gary’s invention.  


It’s a happy ending for all.  The Chief retires Ralphie and Ginger gets to keep him. Diane is awarded the full contract for her espionage program. Mr. Water shows up with a government contract for two of Gary’s inventions. 

eBook  $3.99

Paperback = $9.95 on Amazon

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