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Artistic Origins provides the highest quality services at competitive rates.

I will design and edit your book.

Talk to me about Ghostwriting, Coaching and Screenwriting. 

I will spit polish your screenplay, adapt your book, or write your screenplay. 

email me to discuss your project.

Editing and Formatting


Editing begins with the first page of the front-matter and continues through to the end of the book contents and back matter. Track Changes with detailed comments, strike-through, and highlights in a PDF. A Word document will be easier for the writer to make changes.  If you don’t have a table of contents, we will create one. Editing also addresses formatting problems.

Formatting is the design work. It sets up the interior of your book for publication. Both eBooks and physical books require formatting to make sure the interior design is appealing to the reader. No one wants to attempt to read a book that has different fonts and indentions, or -- gasp! -- no indentions or scene breaks.

Artistic Origins can assist you with the following:



  • Crime & Mystery

  • Dystopian

  • Humor & Comedy

  • Romance

  • Science Fiction

  • Urban Fantasy

  • Horror

  • Screenplays


  • Business Books

  • Self Help & Self Improvement

  • Manuals

  • Procedures

  • Everything in between

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"If you are looking for a publisher, I'd like to highly recommend Dawn with Artistic Origins. She helped me with my first book,"Around the World in 80 Years" with minimal cost and highly professional service. I received the finished book and there were absolutely NO MISTAKES. The pictures were clear and bright. She also made excellent suggestions." ~Gladys Shead Haak 10/9/2023
Publishing and Book Project Management

For decades the only option for a writer was to pursue a literary agent or publisher hoping to get a book published. Those days are over. Now you can skip the agent and traditional publisher. No more waiting, fretting, hoping and praying that some literary agent will sign you on and sell your book to a publisher. And, if you are an expert in your field, it's time to put your knowledge into book form. Stand out in your area of expertise with a published book, or report! Now you will be able to take your book by the collar and usher it through the writing and publishing process all by yourself with guidance from Dawn Greenfield Ireland.                                                                                                   Take Action! If you’ve had a book or report in your head, but never started it because you didn’t think anyone would want to read it, come out of your writer closet and open your eyes! Stand in any bookstore and look around. Those shelves are stocked with books. Every subject your imagination can drum up is on a shelf somewhere. Then there’s Amazon. They sell millions of books and reports. Print, eBook and audio books. The demand for good material is obvious. You just need to do the work and get the information out of your head, the computer, or the drawer and transform it into the correct format, then launch it into the marketplace. If you have written something and have not taken it to the next level, here’s your chance to dust it off and get it out there so it can start earning money! Artistic Origins (AO) is an independent publisher. We don't pay royalties, or buy an author's book like big publishers, or other independent publishers. We are a doorway for people to get their work on Amazon and other places. AO has the experience and know-how to save people tons of time and money. Production costs are on a project-by-project basis (word count, whether an eBook, print, or both, audio book, etc.), depending on what the writer has done already. Since the people who come to me have typically only written their book, I will be the project manager and coordinate all services. The type and size of the book will determine a minefield of costs and project management services and charges. Here’s what Artistic Origins can do for you: Fiction and nonfiction book projects are managed from conception through completion (print, eBook, audiobook). We coordinate all aspects of the book project with service providers (formatters, editors, graphic artists, printers, and narrators). Dawn has extensive experience hiring service providers and managing these projects from beginning to the end of the final project. This entails creating goals, editing the work, requesting corrections, proofing corrections, conducting Zoom meetings, processing payments and communicating with each contractor to determine that they meet all objectives. She is deadline oriented. ​ Publishing Project Management Project Timeline Here is what happens and how AO will coordinate/project manage your project: Meet with author to determine type of book (genre of book, if they want an eBook, print, both, audio book—then if print, whether paperback or hardcover).  Determine the budget from the following: ​ 1.  The best type of editor for the project – provide quotes 2.  Graphic artist for cover/interior illustrations – get quotes 3.  Formatter for layout and formatting for print and ebook – get quotes ​ After we determine those things and we have a ballpark figure of what the services will run, and the author wants to move forward, then the following project management services kick in: Assign an editor to finished book—this can be days or weeks, depending on the size of the book and the editor's schedule When the editor finishes the work and turns in the report and marked up file with suggested edits on the manuscript, Dawn will meet with the writer and we go over the changes. She tries to make sure that the editor and writer have at least one phone conference. Then the writer starts on the rewrite. This can be an undetermined amount of time because of the writer's schedule. ​ Once the writer has finished making changes from the editor's notes the following takes place: ​​ 1. Assign a graphic artist for cover design and any interior graphics 2. Assign a formatter for layout and formatting for eBook & print book 3. Proof covers, interior graphics and layout work with the writer when       completed; order any required changes 4. Assign ISBN (each type of book has its own number) 5. Create the copyright page 6. Help create the synopsis/blurb with author 7. Help create About the Author page 8. Compile parts of the book (covers, all frontmatter, book text, about author) 9. Run one last Spell Check on the entire book file 10. Send book files to formatter 11. Proof PDF file from formatter—this is a page-by-page comparison of     original file and PDF of finished file 12. Make changes from the proof copy. Dawn will re-proof from the changes 13. Final eBook files are delivered; author can upload to Amazon 14. If printing books through a printer (not Amazon), send book file to printer 15. Proof PDF from printer —this is a page-by-page comparison of original file and PDF of finished file 16. Order any changes to be made; proof changes; give go-ahead to printer 17. Print run runs 18. Determine when the books will be shipped to the author—this is for a printing company, not Amazon 19. Fill out Advanced Book Information (ABI) forms

Technical Writing


  • Operations Manuals 

  • User Guides 

  • Hardware, Software, Installation Guides 

  • Training Materials 

  • Procedures 

  • Maintenance & Service Guides
    (including parts lists, error & diagnostic codes)

  • White Papers 

  • Policies & Procedures 

  • Articles and Books for Publication 

  • Brochures

  • Catalogs

  • Post cards and other marketing material

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Companies I worked for. Contact me direct to view my resume.


Shell Oil

British Petroleum


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