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My early influences

I was raised in a family of readers. From my earliest memory, the faces of my parents and my maternal grandfather who lived with us, were always hidden behind a book, newspaper, magazine or journal.

I'm surprised I could recognize them!

D.E. Greenfield
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The first books I read

Other than the normal children's books, these books influenced me:

  • Bomba The Jungle Boy

  • Tarzan series

  • John Carter of Mars series

  • Zane Gray Westerns

  • Barbara Cartland

My Inspiration

Ora Daigle Nichols-Dorough

Radio Sound Effects

One of my inspirations as a professional writer and businesswoman is my Great Aunt Ora. Here's a fun tidbit of information about an extraordinary woman that shaped radio and the way we watch movies.

Aunt Ora Daigle Nichols was the first and only woman sound effects engineer. In the early 1900's she worked on radio sensations such as War of the worlds and Buck Rogers.

CBS: New York: First lady of sound effects. The March of Time, Mercury Theater, Roses and Drums (1932), 45 minutes in Hollywood, Buck Rogers in the Twenty-Fifth Century, Stoopnagle, and War of the Worlds.

"Ora, who began her show-business career as a Vaudeville actress, paved the way for women in the technical arts, and made a lasting name for herself in silent film and radio history."

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