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D.E. Greenfield is the award-winning author of 17 published novels which consists of 5 series (cozy mystery, sci fi/fantasy, billionaire shapeshifters, and dystopian), a stand-alone sci-fi romantic adventure, 7 nonfiction books, and 4 of my screenplays adapted into book format. She also has created over 50 themed notebooks.


Two of her screenplays were optioned, and she worked on a screenwriter-for-hire project.


D.E. Greenfield’s business, Artistic Origins, has been around since 1995. Besides writing, she coaches writers, edits, formats and publishes clients’ books.


Dawn has a certificate from the Professional Program in Screenwriting from UCLA (2002) and is currently in classes with ScreenwritingU.


Her former day job as an award-winning technical writer played a major role in her fiction writing. She is detailed-oriented, the organizational queen of the known universe, and never misses a deadline.

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Learn more about me and my creative journey by watching the short video, "High Road or Low Road"

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Feedback on my screenplay The God Child

Feedback is provided by ScriptMatix, June 23, 2023

The screenplay opens with a dramatic scene of Ruth, a pregnant woman, undergoing an emergency C-section due to a rare placental abruption. The birth of her daughter, Deidre, coincides with Ruth's death, leading to her husband Gus blaming Deidre and ultimately taking his own life. This tragic beginning sets the tone for the screenplay, introducing the central character, Deidre, under circumstances of extreme pain and loss.

The story then shifts to the military's interest in Deidre, led by Colonel Bastrop, who is intrigued by her healing abilities. This introduces the theme of exploitation, as the military seeks to use Deidre's powers for their own purposes. Meanwhile, Deidre's aunt Lily, who also possesses healing abilities, is introduced as a potential protector for Deidre.

The screenplay then follows a thrilling chase as various factions, including the military and a group led by a man named Josh, pursue Deidre. The tension escalates as Deidre's protectors, including Lily, a man named Steve, and a monk named Da-wa, try to keep her safe. The screenplay effectively uses action and suspense to keep the audience engaged, while also exploring deeper themes of faith and power.

The climax of the screenplay involves a dramatic confrontation in which Deidre's powers are fully unleashed, leading to a resolution in which she is released from the military's control. The screenplay ends on a hopeful note, with Deidre embracing her powers and her protectors looking on with pride.

Throughout the screenplay, the character of Deidre serves as a symbol of innocence and divine power, while the various factions pursuing her represent the corrupting influence of power and the potential for exploitation. The screenplay also explores themes of faith and spirituality, particularly through the characters of Lily and Da-wa, who use their own spiritual practices to protect and guide Deidre.

Cheers Dawn, cool story you got here. Good stuff. My initial reaction is that the most appealing or significant aspects of The God Child are its thematic content. The narrative strives in the way it installs its central theme of exploitation, exploring through it the various factions seek to use Deidre's powers for their own purposes. This adds up to the natural tension between power and its corrupting influence through characters like Lily and Da-wa, which also highlights the character of Deidre, who serves as a symbol of innocence and divine power amidst corruption. Thematically, this is a story about faith, the power of healing, the exploitation of innocence, and the struggle between good and evil.



The Far Corner (formerly titled The Crowd) ~ psychological supernatural horror

  • Nominee/Finalist ~ Planet Cinema 8/30/2023

  • Semifinalist ~ Climax Critics Awards 5/18/2023

  • Finalist ~ MAGMA Film Festival (Hawaii) script award 4/19/2023

  • Semifinalist ~ 27th Anual Fade In Awards - Horror 4/1/2023

  • Quarter finalist ~ Page Turner Screenplay Awards 3/27/2023

  • Semifinalist ~ Filmmatic/Coverfly Pitch Now Screenplay Competition (Season 5) 1/2023

  • Semifinalist ~ Lonely Wolf Film Festival Script Competition 12/24/2022

  • Selected ~ Lake Travis Film Festival Script Competition 7/2022

  • Quarter finalist ~ Scriptapalooza 7/2022

  • Finalist - Geneva Science IN Fiction Competition 7/2022

  • Finalist ~ MidWest WeirdFest Competition 2/2022

  • Quarter finalist ~ Santa Barbara Script Competition 11/2021

  • Semifinalist ~ Creative Screenwriting Unique Voices 5/2021

  • Finalist ~ British Horror Film Festival Blood List 12/2020

  • Finalist ~ Inroads Screenwriting Fellowship 5/2020

  • Finalist ~ Filmmatic Horror Script Competition 1/2020

  • Finalist ~ Script Competition 11/2017

  • Finalist ~ Reel Writers Script Competition 8/16/2015

  • Semifinalist ~ Screencraft Script Competition 8/21/201


Bonded (shapeshifter billionaire) Episode 1

  • Quarterfinalist ~ Page Turner Screenplay Awards 3/27/2023

  • Quarterfinalist ~ Filmmatic/Coverfly Pitch Now Screenplay Competition (Season 5) 1/2023


Prophecy of Thol Episode 1

  • Quarter finalist ~ Page Turner Screenplay Awards 3/27/2023

  • Climax Critics' Awards ~ Honorable Mention 3/15/2023

The God Child (action adventure)

  • Selected ~ Lake Travis Film Festival Script Competition 7/2022

Standing Dead (drama/tragedy)

  • Winner ~ WIFT/Houston Reel Dialogues Screenwriting Competition 12/99

  • Second Round ~ Austin Film Festival, (1998)

Memoirs of a Dog (family animation script)

  • Winner ~ Moondance International Film Festival ~ Feature Screenplays for Kids Spirit award 9/2011

  • Official Selection List ~ Kids First Film Festival 3/21/2011

  • Official Selection List ~ International Family Film Festival 2/8/2011

  • Selected for the Heart of England International Film Festival 2011

  • Family Film Runner-Up / Woods Hole Film Festival 2010 Screenwriting Contest

  • Top 50 Screenplays in the Underground Exposure competition 5/2010

Where’s Ralphie? (formerly titled A Girl and Her Dog)

  • Selected ~ Lake Travis Film Festival Script Competition 7/2022

  • Optioned 2/2013 -- AVAILABLE AGAIN!

  • Awarded Kids First! Endorsement ~ Coalition for Quality Children’s Media 10/2012

  • Finalist ~ Worldfest Int’l Film Festival Script Competition2005

  • Semi-finalist ~ The Writers Network Screenplay & Fiction Competition, 12/2003

  • Second Round ~ Austin Film Festival, (1998)

Block Captain (comedy adventure script)

  • Comedyfestival, Logline of the year 10/21/17

  • Optioned 2009 -- AVAILABLE AGAIN!


Plan B (dark comedy script)

  • Selected ~ Lake Travis Film Festival Script Competition 7/2022

  • Comedyfestival, Logline of the day, 10/5/17

  • Plan B logline winner in the Talentville Battle of the Loglines, 12/2014

  • Finalist ~ Table Read My Screenplay competition 4/2010


The Dishwasher (comedy script)

  • Comedyfestival, Logline of the year 10/21/17


  • Compaq Deskpro Maintenance & Service Guide ~ STC Award of Excellence 1988


  • What’s Breaking Your Budget ~ eLit Gold Medal Winner 2018

  • Mastering Your Money ~ New England Book Festival Winner 2008

  • Puppy Baby Book ~ IPPY finalist award 2001


  • Katz’ Cat ~ Readers’ Favorite 5-Star Review 2021

  • Hot Chocolate ~ Amazon Best Seller 2012-2013; Readers Favorite; Audiofile Earphones Award

  • Prophecy of Thol ~ Readers Favorite 2018

  • The Last Dog ~ Readers Favorite 2018, Book Excellence Award 2017


  • Hot Chocolate ~ AudioFile Earphones Award with narrator Kelley Hazen ~ 2/2014

  • Bitter Chocolate ~ AudioFile Earphones Award with narrator Kelley Hazen ~ 3/2015

  • Prophecy of Thol ~ 1/2018  ~ Review comment: A modern day Alice in Wonderland


  • Women in Film & Television, Houston ~ Benefactor, member

  • Lajoda LLC / Lajoda Entertainment ~ Partner

  • Artistic Origins Inc ~ Head Dog

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Ora Daigle Nichols
Radio Sound Effects

One of my inspirations as a professional writer and businesswoman is my Great Aunt Ora. Here’s a fun tidbit of information about an extraordinary woman that shaped radio and the way we watch movies.

Aunt Ora Daigle Nichols was the first and only woman sound effects engineer. In the early 1900’s she worked on radio sensations such as, War of the Worlds and Buck Rogers.

CBS: New York: First lady of sound effects. The March of Time, Mercury Theater, Roses and Drums (1932), 45 minutes in Hollywood, Buck Rogers in the Twenty-Fifth Century, Stoopnagle, and War of the Worlds.

My cousin Jeff found more information and pictures of Great Aunt Ora. Check it out here:

“Ora, who began her show-business career as a Vaudeville actress, paved the way for women in the technical arts, and made a lasting name for herself in silent film and radio history.”

Ora and Arthur Nichols 1921.jpg
Aunt Ora
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