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Author of several award-winning screenplays, novels, and nonfiction books.

I am available for writing assignments.

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My Bookstore

My Bookstore contains my 5 series (cozy mystery, sci-fi/fantasy, dystopian, and shape-shifter,) and 7 nonfiction books. 

The bookstore is linked to Amazon and a few items are available for direct purchase.

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My Movie Scripts

Dark & Family Comedy, Drama, Sci-fi, Action Adventure, Romantic Comedy, and Crime Drama. Click on the Script/Read More to see the awards.

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Artistic Origins provides the highest quality services at competitive rates. Also talk with me about Ghostwriting, Coaching and Screenwriting. 

I will fix your screenplay, adapt your book, or write your screenplay. 

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Artistic Origins edits fiction and nonfiction books, manuals, quick reference guides plus website content.

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AO is an independent publisher. We do not pay royalties, or buy an author's book.

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Technical Writing

Artistic Origins (AO) produces professional user manuals, and instructional guides.

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