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Book 1: Prophecy of Thol


Recurring nightmares haunted D’laine Jackson when she woke from an eight-month coma following a tragic accident. Four images were branded in her head: a dark-haired, handsome princely young man, a fierce reptilian monster, a white furry creature whose red eyes implored her with some unspoken message, and an ominous black robot.

Now, five years later, D’laine was getting ready to go off to college. During one last shopping trip with her father and brothers for dorm supplies, a blanket of fog rolled out of the sky at the mall, in broad daylight in plain sight of dozens of witnesses. When the fog pulled back D’laine was gone.

When she woke, her nightmare turned into reality.

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The location map of Thol

I updated all the Thol books to include the map of Thol, the creatures, and the updated Glossary (March 2023).

Now you can see where everything is on Thol. The Cember Forest where the Egrom tribe lives in their mushroom houses. The Kudaja and their borjos live close by in their city in the trees.

Between Ebscalon and the Egrom village is where the portal to Earth is, before you reach the pond.

DawnsMapV1.7 - Smaller.png

Get a glimpse of Thol, D'laine, Trakon, and 3 of the Thol creatures! Click here.

Listen to a Sample Chapter

Listen to the Thol pronunciation glossary:

Book 2: Gifts From Thol


eBooks = $3.99 

Paperback = $15.99

Gifts from Thol is the second book in the Thol series. At the end of Prophecy of Thol, D’laine returned to Earth leaving a broken-hearted Trakon behind on Thol. She returns to Thol with her family and one of the scientists who had investigated her disappearance from Texas

D’laine is happy that her family is settling in at the Egrom village and getting used to their new surroundings. She knows that Thol changes people from Earth who cross over so she’s looking forward to finding out what their gifts will be.

Lee and Stanley are on a quest to find Greg Claymore, the man who disappeared from Earth in 1952, returned in 1975 and left again.

Victor, the scientist left behind on Earth, is frantic. His wife is terminally ill and he knows D’laine can heal her. He and Ben Joplin write a note and go to Coronado Beach where Claymore went through a portal.

D’laine, Trakon and Stanley, bearing gifts, walk through the portal to Earth. But will they be able return to Thol? Will D’laine and Trakon get back in time to fulfill their marriage vows? Or, will they be stuck in a place that Trakon despises due to the noise, traffic, and pollution?   

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Book 3: Love of Thol


$15.99 Paperback

eBooks = $3.99 

Thol is a welcome haven for Earthlings whose gifts benefit all Tholians. More Earthlings emigrate. They get to watch a baseball game between the Plotals and the Egroms.

D’laine is snatched from a crestrider by a never-before seen insect-man. Trakon, Herish and the Ebscalon fleet pursue.

Ekka gets sick. The large borjo appears to be on deaths door. Jamie is frantic. The Visionary, Ghury and D’laine determine what is wrong—poison!

Ebscalon and the other kingdoms are in the direct path of a churling—a huge storm that surpasses any hurricane on Earth. Treachery comes on the eve of storm recovery, almost leading to war.

They make the trip to the caves in the Aguberro mountains. Ghury discovers that Lee is the direct descendant of the King of Thol.  Get your copy today, click below!

Book 4: King of Thol

King of Thol.jpg

Lee began having strange dreams shortly after the trip to the cave at the crest of Ingosaquille on the Aguberro mountains. Ethaderia woke one morning to discover Lee sported a trimmed beard. He didn’t have one the night before.

Ghury proclaims Lee is the direct descendant of King Jangston. No one in the palace at Ebscalon had ever heard of him. Research uncovered that several hundred paths ago, King Jangston ruled all of Thol.

Everyone agreed something strange was going on with Lee. 

Finally, after the eight kingdoms, along with Ta’Byu’Vohon and the Cember Forest villages recovered from the devastating churling, Ebscalon introduces D’laine and Trakon’s twins: Jesslin and Kal-Dan.

D’laine shocks everyone at the event, including her family and friends, with the shocking revelation about evolutionary and physiological changes to come. Not everyone is happy about that.

Foota sticks her head in Jamie’s window. One of the twins needs help!

The boys discover things that look like cantaloupes. They bring one back to the palace and Kitry freaks out. She explains it’s a spider pod. She flies them far away to a field and drops the spider pod overboard. Hundreds of spiders emerge.

The Trangula storm the gates of Ebscalon. This is the first act of war since the Great War of Taylon.

$14.99 Paperback

eBooks = $3.99 

Book 5: Earth Calling Thol

Earth Calling Thol, the 5th book in the Thol series is now available on Amazon KDP as an eBook. As soon as the paperback cover is finished, you will have that option available to you as well.

Here's the scoop. 

D’laine and Trakon celebrate D’laine’s 2nd anniversary on Thol. Trakon takes her to the observatory she never knew existed, but leave it to Jamie, the little explorer, to know all about it.


A New York publishing giant published Al’s book Doorway to Thol which becomes an international best seller. 


Government agents read it. Now they’re taking Al into custody to grill him about the portal at Coronado Beach in California.


While he sticks to the story that the book is make-believe out of his wild imagination, the agents aren’t buying it—they know all about Greg Claymore. They send a team of scientists and physicists to the beach.

Disaster strikes!

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