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How to Format Word Docs Like A Pro

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How to Format Word Docs Online Course



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How to Format Word Docs Like a Pro

Online Course 

Become the Word Doctor at your job

Course Description

Having a good command of MS Word is a prized skill. You are going to learn how to use Styles to transform documents.

Styles are the core of using Word fully and properly. With a little practice, you will be able to format titles, paragraphs, bullets and a lot of other things. I'll show you now to generate a table of contents from your headings, how to create a new style from scratch, and even how to create a template.


You will also team now important the plicrow mark plays in your quest for perfect documentation.

All of these things will help you in your day job, your organization, or may even help you get a better job.

Here's what you'll learn

  • How to use Styles to:

  • Format Titles and Section Titles

  • Format Paragraphs and Bullets

  • Automate First Line Indents so you never have to Tab over

  • Set up Spacing before and after Lists

  • Automatically generate a Table of Contents

  • Create a New Style from scratch

  • Create a Template

  • Why you should love the Pilcrow mark


Course includes


Here's what you get when you sign up for this course:

  • Private Members Area

  • PowerPoint lessons with Audio

  • A study guide with all screens

  • A PDF of the original paperback book

  • The EPUB version of the book

  • A HUGE audio file to listen while you couch surf or drive to work

  • Practice document

  • Study guide with course screenshots

  • Unlimited number of times you can take this course

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Jeff 1/22/22


I've wanted to learn how to format documents with Word for a long time, but always made lame excuses to myself as to why doing so could wait just a bit longer.  Let's face it, learning new things can be tedious and sometimes a bit intimidating.  But now I have no more excuses!  This well-written, well-organized 'how to' booklet gave me the confidence I needed to tackle some new writing projects.  The instructions are written in easily-understood plain English, and following along with the step-by-step illustrations is a piece of cake.  Whether you already use Word, or you want to, you'll be glad to have this first-rate learning tool (secret weapon) by your side.



Richard P. Stone

Author, Survivors of the Mutant Dawn


As a retired teacher, I was impressed on Dawn’s teaching style on her videos of “How to Format Word Docs Like a Pro”. As a beginning writer, I found it very easy to learn the ways of writing, thanks to Dawn.


She ran her tutorials like she was in the classroom. She would state the objective of the lesson. Then taught the objective through her easy-to-follow visuals of different types of writing. Then she would take the objective a step farther by explaining why things go wrong and the reasons for the mistakes. Dawn shows you the potholes of writing without falling into them.


Her patience along with her ability to communicate her points of instruction was never confusing or talking over my head. Her tutorials gave me confidence that I can overcome the most basic fears of writing.


I strongly recommend this class for all writers who seek out the proper way of getting their work out there.

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