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D.E. Greenfield

Welcome to my bookstore. There's something for everyone. Want to learn something? Check out the Living Smart books. Need a notebook? Check out the 50+ themed notebooks.

Here's the new Books By page
soon to be included in all of my books so people can see everything I've created
Books By 3-2024_Page_1.jpg
Hot Chocolate Book 1
Bitter Chocolate Book 2
Spicy Chocolate Book 3
Nutty Chocolate Book 4
The Puppy Babby Book book cover
Puppy Adoption and Beyond
Prophecy of Thol
Gifts from Thol
Love of Thol
King of Thol Book 4
Earth Calling Thol Book 5
The Last Dog Book 1
Texmexzona Book 2
Forced Dreams
Tothars Book 2
Tilted Book 3
Unforeseen Book 4
Katz' Cat Book 1
Bill Hill's Pills
Writer Preparation Handbook
What's Breaking Your Budget
Mastering Your Money
How to Format Word Docs Like a Pro
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