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Katz' Cat Series
Welcome to Twinkle, Texas!

Twinkle, Texas is 385 miles from the closest shopping mall in Starlight County. Pick up groceries at the Dime Water Foo(d) store or the Wham-A-Rama discount store.


Grab a bite to eat at the Biggem Diner where you can catch all the scuttlebutt about Twinkle, Star, Clems Corner, Bridge, Dime Water, Jupiter, Lockton, Pancake, Little Pancake, or Derrick.


Open a checking account at the Twinkle Bank & Trust. Subscribe to the Twinkle Independent News (TIN). Shop at Bottoms Top or Hector’s Men’s Store.

Book 1: Katz' Cat

Jimmy Katz, a young journalist from the Big City, throws in the towel after he's robbed at gunpoint at a gas station. He finds a job at the Twinkle Independent News in Twinkle, Texas, 385 miles from the closest shopping mall. ​ He settles into country life in the town of 3,000 at Mrs. Potts' boarding house with his Amazon parrot, Guppy, who has an extensive vocabulary. ​ Three months into his new lifestyle, Jimmy discovers a tiny kitten he names Maddy. Then his life is turned topsy-turvey. ​ The town matriarch, his long-lost aunt, names him her heir. Someone takes offense. Neither Jimmy, police chief Price, or his aunt Betty know if the threats are coming from the Big City or Twinkle. ​ Mysterious messages on his laptop lead to a shocking discovery.

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Book 2: Bill Hill's Pills

Jimmy Katz wakes walloped with a cold, allergies, or the flu. Maddy, his cat, and Guppy, his Amazon parrot fret, but still demand breakfast. Mrs. Potts sends Jimmy over to the Wellness Center where Bill Hill sends the Katz-Diaz heir home with his special formula, Wellness in a Bottle. Brian, Jimmy’s best friend, and Danny, his coworker at the Twinkle Independent News, come to visit, followed by Aunt Betty, the matriarch of Twinkle and Starlight County. Celebrity stops by, sees how awful Jimmy feels and tells him she’ll be back later. The town drunk attacks Celebrity, and she ends up in a coma. When she resurfaces, a different reality has everyone concerned, especially Jimmy. After only three doses of Bill Hill’s formula, Jimmy fully recovers. He stops by the Wellness Center to purchase two more bottles. When he arrives home, Maddy and Guppy attack the bag. Then Brian and Danny show up and tell him that someone was poisoned by that formula. The deranged poisoner has targeted more than Bill Hill’s store. The Dime Water Foo(d) grocery store with the burnt out “d” in the sign, affectionately called the Foo, is shut down. It’s the only grocery store within a 150-mile radius. Betty calls upon her army of volunteers and they transform the Starlight Ballroom into a grocery store. More businesses are shut down as tampered products send people to the hospital. Chief Kenton Price, Ramirez, and Celebrity have their hands full with trying to hunt down the elusive poisoner, along with help from the Feds. Through the investigation, they discover that forty years ago a terrible crime was committed and concealed. Jimmy and Ramirez uncover the details and they seek justice for the family. While eating at the Biggem Diner with Danny, Brian, Ramirez, and Celebrity, Jimmy notices the poisoner in action. Ramirez and Celebrity take action. The culprit is arrested.

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The eBook is Live! The Paperback is in review.
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Book 3: The Detectives

Jimmy Katz, heir to the Katz-Diaz empire in Twinkle, Texas, 385 miles from the closest shopping mall, never has a dull moment with his two conniving animals. 

Guppy, an Amazon parrot, and Maddy, his cat are a picture of innocence. They learn language skills while watching children’s programs on TV.

The town experiences a rash of identity thefts, one ending in murder. The thieves empty bank accounts. Meaty, the Foo IT guy, is on the trail.


The secret cameras Jimmy installed catches his animals watching Boris the Russian’s YouTube videos on identity theft. They stumble upon who the bad guy is, but Jimmy realizes Meaty will have to come to the same conclusion for the police to make an arrest.


Jimmy writes an article for the Twinkle Independent News (TIN) about how to stay safe on the internet.


Then there’s the incident at the Starlight Ballroom...

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